Michael Ferreira
Winemaker & Online Sales

No better way to learn how to make wine than by working as a cellar hand followed by apprenticing under one of the Okanagan’s leading winemakers. Michael has been a winemaker leading what goes into the bottle since 2005, working for the family banner of Quinta Ferreira. Being the artist that he is, Squeezed gives Michael the opportunity to create a different style of wine – it’s how an artist works, creative in many ways while maintaining consistency on quality – oh and winning several awards on the way (we call that talent).

Michael’s adrenaline is fuelled by challenges. When he’s not in the cellar he’s building cars (from scratch), fishing, or hunting. He also volunteers for the Okanagan Search and Rescue.

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Quality Control

Grace has spent 11 years learning the ins and outs of taking care of the vineyard, having made several visits to the winery in her life she knows the importance of quality in the vines.

Grace will be responsible for making sure that the wine in the bottle is of the best quality for Squeezed Wines customers.  She is also responsible for protecting the vineyard from birds so will chase them away or catch them if they aren’t quick enough.

In her spare time Grace can be found chasing birds, staring out windows and exploring all outdoor spaces, and loves giving people a “high paw”.

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Christina Ferreira
Marketing & Sales (Okanagan/BC Interior)

Take 11 years of event planning, marketing and promotions in the BC Wine Tourism Industry and a marketing degree behind her and we’ve got Christina’s knowledge for where to take Squeezed. Fuelled by her passion for BC Wine, BC Food and Tourism this makes the decision for partnering with Nicole and Michael probably the easiest decision made thus far in her career.

Christina is principal of Impact Events; a full service conference and event management company based in Kelowna. With a diverse and impressive client list, Christina has managed and organized corporate and community events throughout the Okanagan Valley. She has worked with leaders in business and industry as well as private, small business, and non-profit groups.

For fun Christina is an avid roller derby player (and president of the Okanagan Roller Derby Association) and spends as much time with her dogs (our vineyard workers in the photos on this site) as possible.

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Nicole Ferreira
Sales & Administration (Lower Mainland & Vancouver Island)

Nicole has spent her days for the last 10 years as an accountant in many different business sectors. With the analytical side of her brain covered, she always looks for opportunities to put her creativity to use. When provided with an opportunity to be part of a venture that is fun and different, the decision was easy. “Yes, I’m in” were the exact words that were expressed when asked to be part of the team. Nicole’s passion for wine has her being a wine rep the last few years, and she’s excited to now have the opportunity to be selling her own brand.

When Nicole is not either crunching numbers or selling wine, she can be found reading or writing, watching hockey, traveling, or finding new or favourite outdoor adventures to embark on.